Type of greenhouse

Glass greenhouse


Height under gutter: 6.50 m

Surface area

1.4 hectares

Type of crop

Organic aromatic herbs

The solution

Richel has a Venlo greenhouse centre of expertise, and its staff work alongside you at every stage of your project, from design to construction – genuine know-how consolidated by partnerships with best-in-class Dutch suppliers, for all matters related to Venlo roofs and equipment. As Angel Rodriguez, CEO of Bioplants, stressed, this greenhouse is “a highly technical built-in system, and it would have been impossible to design without the joint efforts of partners working together on the project from design to delivery.” This project is first and foremost a human and technical adventure, the result of three years of cooperation and joint efforts for a complex production system specifically adapted to growing aromatic herbs all year round.

For this project, Richel’s greatest achievement was to incorporate equipment selected by the customer into the greenhouse, such as the automatic mobile harvesting system: incorporating this automatic system with all the equipment such as heating and irrigation, and making sure the benches could get through the films without compromising the sealing between the three sectors of the greenhouse, was a real challenge.
As the Bioplants team stressed, “this is a dazzlingly bright greenhouse, perfect for growing aromatic herbs,” optimum climate conditions made possible thanks to a height under gutter of over 6 metres and the structure of the greenhouse itself, with UV-Open glazing.

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The equipment provided for this project
Climate control
Heating Fans Thermal screens
Water management
Irrigation booms
Electrical engineering and automatic control systems
Electrical control panel Climate computer
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