Tunnel and bi-tunnel greenhouses

More light and volume for a better climate

Richel’s range of tunnel greenhouses offers a wide selection of high-performance solutions adapted to your crop. These greenhouses are large, robust and quick to assemble.

They feature a wide selection of side and gable openings for improved climate control and wide clearance on the sides for an optimal growing surface and easier work with machines.

8m round tunnel

The 8m round tunnel is the first tunnel in the range to use the OV90, which delivers increased strength by optimising the distance between arches. Bi-tunnel model that can be twinned.

8m Gothic round tunnel

The 8m Gothic round tunnel was developed to meet the needs of regions with a cold climate, where snow can be a problem. The angle of the roof makes it easier to clear snow.

9.30m round tunnel

The 9.30m model is the widest greenhouse in the round tunnel range. The use of the 90 ovalised tube allows for greater distances between arches. Bi-tunnel model that can be twinned

9.60m straight-legged greenhouse

Richel’s straight-legged tunnels apply the same design principles as the multi-span greenhouses that have been proven in all climates. They allow for comfortable working conditions on the edges (straight legs) and combine robustness, space, large volumes and effective aeration with their openings in the roof.

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