Greenhouse cultivation of medical cannabis

Greenhouse cultivation of medical cannabis Partitioning your greenhouse for efficient production

Medical cannabis cultivation involves complex requirements and specific instructions which shape every step in the production process. The way we partition your cultivation area will improve personnel flow and facilitate crop operations, whilst ensuring compliance with current health standards (GACP, GMP).

Optimised climate control

Getting the lighting right inside your greenhouse

Correctly managing the light as required by cannabis crops is a complex task which changes according to growth stage. Our greenhouse solutions make the best use of natural sunlight. Our lighting technologies (LED, HPS, photoperiodic) and screen systems (shading, thermal, black-out) will keep growth in line with your crop production schedule, so that you can harvest as early as possible.

Precision irrigation

Appropriate watering is a key factor when growing medical cannabis. Crops require abundant watering, but overwatering is detrimental. An appropriate irrigation system (drip irrigation, sprinkling, sub-irrigation) will provide the right amount of water at the right time. Injecting fertilizers through the irrigation water ensures compliance with the instructions for each different technical stage of crop growth.

Humidity settings

Humidity needs to remain very high during the plant propagation phase, but should then drop during the flowering and drying phases. Our equipment will raise and lower the humidity levels of the various cultivation surfaces (compartments) to ensure the plant remains as strong and healthy as possible.

Managing ambient air temperatures

Optimised temperature control is pivotal to obtaining a high-quality product. We will position the heating at just the right location for your crops, and set up the most suitable cooling system. The flow of air required to keep seedlings healthy is calculated and designed to best suit all of your different projects.

Creating a tailor-made greenhouse project for medicinal cannabis

Since no project is the same, and in order to best meet your expectations, we study each case individually to identify its specific requirements and provide the best solutions. Taking your expertise and combining it with our know-how will get your medical cannabis projects off to the best start and on the way to a productive harvest.


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