Venlo glass greenhouses

Glasshouse : the expertise of a specialist

Thanks to our center of excellence dedicated to Venlo greenhouses, we work from design to installation of your project. We can manage your projects smoothly and on time.

Specialist in glass greenhouse Venlo

  • Our know-how is reinforced by partnerships with the very best Dutch suppliers of Venlo roofs and equipments.
  • An integrated design office for Venlo greenhouses: every project is sized and designed in-house using Casta®.
  • Meeting standards: every project in France meets the requirements of Annex E4 (France) of EN 13031-1. In other countries, our design office uses the Dutch standards (NEN3859) and, sometimes, the local standards.
  • A leading-edge manufacturing tool to build the structures of your Venlo greenhouses.
  • A construction department dedicated to overseeing your project installation.


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