Serre maraichère plastique

Greenhouses with plastic covers

The French specialist and Europe’s leading manufacturer of greenhouses with plastic covers.

As a supplier of agronomic solutions, our systems can be adapted to meet the needs of your crops.

Julien Carle, Manager of the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne sector,

Area sales manager

Since it was founded 50 years ago, the Richel Group has developed a wide range of greenhouses with plastic covers.

Since the introduction of special high tensile steels in 2007, great progress has been made in both our single-tunnel models and our most complex multi-span greenhouses. These plastic greenhouses are designed to adapt to the needs of all agricultural professions, vegetable growers, seed growersyoung plants growers, horticulturists and nurseries.

Today, the latest addition to our range, the 16m multi-span greenhouse, has become the symbol of the challenges taken up by Richel’s engineers and the result of close agronomic cooperation with our long-standing customers.


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