Multi-span greenhouses

Quality that stands the test of time

Measuring between 6.40m and 16m, the range of Richel multi-span greenhouses guarantees optimal climate control for all types of crops and outdoor climate conditions. Thanks to streamlined arches and spacing of 2.5m to 4m, the Richel greenhouses are the brightest on the market. Their Gothic shape (27°) allows for maximum light penetration.



6.40m - 8.00m multi-span greenhouses

These models are equipped with 50%vents articulated on the roof ridge that are robust and easy to cover. The roof sheet is only clipped at two points on each gutter

9.60m multi-span greenhouses

The robust and bright Richel 9.60m multi-span greenhouse has been approved on every continent and in all climates. This high performing model is one of our most popular greenhouses, due to its good balance between volume and ventilation.

12.80m multi-span greenhouses

With a height of up to 11m to the roof ridge, the Richel 12.80m multi-span greenhouse offers the best compromise between volume and performance, in cold regions and in hot and arid regions.

16.00m multi-span greenhouses

Richel’s 16m multi-span greenhouse is the latest addition to the range, and is the highest volume greenhouse on the market.

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