Type of greenhouse

9 m Venlo greenhouse


Height under gutter: 7.5 m

Surface area

7.3 hectares

Type of crop


The solution

As a long-standing customer of the Richel Group in Mexico, Red Sun Farms knew it needed a reliable partner to make a success of its first project in the US. The Richel Group’s personalised approach, involving dialogue with both the customer and local authorities, led to the development of an optimised, custom project in full compliance with the standards.

Our experience with turnkey projects, our ability to incorporate all the equipment required for the crops, our local presence and our expertise in designing projects in full compliance with the regulations and local standards, convinced Red Sun Farms to carry out this exciting Venlo greenhouse project with the Richel Group. This new project became their key logistics base for redistributing their products to their customers as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Building on know-how acquired through the Richel Group’s 50-year history, the Venlo greenhouse department takes care of your project from design to construction. These glass greenhouses adapt to suit the needs of vegetable growing and horticulture professionals.

A word from the design office
The equipment provided for this project
Climate control
Heating Buffer tank Screen
Water management
Electrical engineering and automatic control systems
Climate computer Electricity
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