Type of greenhouse

Photovoltaic glass greenhouse


Height under gutter: 4.80 m

Surface area

3.5 hectares

Type of crop

Yellow kiwis

The solution

Following the exceptional climate variations experienced over the past few years, and the current energy crisis, some producers are keen to make the most of solar power and protect their crops. That is what prompted Les Vergers de la Teyssonne, in June 2021, to entrust Richel with the task of building a 3.5-hectare photovoltaic greenhouse. For Richel Group, it is extremely important to support our customers in their efforts to become more environmentally friendly, and offer them the best solutions to protect their crops. Installing solar panels on greenhouses has a host of benefits: they protect crops against climate variations (frost, wind, sun, etc.), save water and fertiliser and reduce the use of crop protection products. In parallel, the solar power produced finances the initial outlay for the photovoltaic greenhouse. “Selling the solar power produced over 30 years finances the cost of the photovoltaic greenhouse,” explained Malick Touré, Photovoltaic specialist for Richel Group.

For Richel, the real challenge of this project was to take into consideration kiwi growing in a photovoltaic greenhouse. A specific support system was developed to enable the creation of a “pergola” style growing structure, using the structure of the greenhouse itself, so the farmer did not have to invest in a separate support system. The photovoltaic greenhouse was designed, supplied and built by Richel Group. Rampa Energies played an active role in the project development, installing and carrying out the electrical connections for the solar power production equipment. They also handle the maintenance and operation of the photovoltaic generator. Working jointly with our partner Rampa Energies, building and designing the project together, was a wonderful experience that taught us so much.

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