Type of greenhouse

9.60 m Multi-span greenhouse


Height under gutter: 5 m

Surface area

21 hectares

Type of crop

Strawberries, tomatoes

The solution

Richel stood out through its outstanding industrial technology, and its ability to increase the volume of its greenhouses by their height under gutter. For this customer, we provided different tunnel cover solutions, 9.30 m model followed by the 6.20 m model, and the first multi-span units were mounted at a height under gutter of 2.50 m for the 6.40 m model, then 3.50 m for the 9.60 m model, then 4 m, 4.50 m and 5 m for the most recent 9.60 m multi-span greenhouses. Sturdy and bright, the RICHEL 9.60 m multi-span greenhouse is one of the most popular models, since it offers such a good compromise between volume and ventilation.

Franck Figuet says “Richel provided a hands-on service, a high level of responsiveness and turnkey assembly solutions to suit the needs of the crops.” For this latest project, high-pressure fog (80 to 100 bar) improved the climate in our greenhouses. That allows us to control the ripeness of our fruit and improve our quality. The decision to install a Richel low-temperature Kaléo boiler marked a turning point in the growing process for early varieties of strawberries. With several heat exchangers and a condensing system, combined with a low-temperature distribution network via PE tubes located as close as possible to the plants, we were able harvest the first strawberries earlier, while optimising our energy consumption.

A word from the sales team
The equipment provided for this project
Climate control
Heating Fans
Water management
High-pressure fog
Energy recovery
Cogeneration LED lighting
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