Type of greenhouse

960 XR500 Multi-span greenhouse


Height under gutter: 5 m

Surface area

1.9 hectares

Type of crop

Vegetable grower

The solution

For this new farm covering a surface area of some 19,000 sq.m, Mr Turc was keen to acquire latest-generation technology greenhouses, and opted for the Richel 960 XR 500 multi-span greenhouse with a height at the ridge of 7.50 m, a height under gutter of 5 m and a continuous vent of 3.40 m. The advantage of this model lies in its subtle balance between volume, flexibility and price. Jean-Jacques Turc built a (Richel) multi-span greenhouse with a double inflated film spanning 19,000 sq.m and a height under gutter of 5 m. “I wanted more volume offering better climate and disease control,” the grower explained.

This plastic greenhouse by the Richel Group is one of our most popular models, since it offers such a good compromise between volume and ventilation, and perfectly satisfies the customer’s requirement for “more volume offering better climate and disease control.”

To make this multi-span greenhouse as environmentally friendly as possible, in line with our customer’s philosophy, it is equipped with indoor posts spaced 5 m apart and 30 cm buried foundations. The Richel Group has successfully adopted an agronomic approach that provides customers with all the comfort-of-use they need to work their ground space.

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Climate control
Water management
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