Type of greenhouse

16 MRH 400 Multi-span greenhouse


Height under gutter: 6.5 m

Surface area

14.6 hectares

Type of crop


The solution

The real challenge of this project was to offer the greenhouse model that would enable optimum climate management for pepper growing, with equipment suited to the region’s climate and growing conditions.

For this huge project involving nearly 15 hectares, the 16 MRH 400 model was ultimately selected in order to strike the right balance between competitiveness, climate management and productivity in the greenhouse. The latest edition to the Richel multi-span range, the 16 m is the largest greenhouse on the market. To make it suitable for the climate conditions that prevail on the Mexican plateau, the greenhouse has a heating system with a buffer tank. This system recycles the gases from the boilers and injects the CO2 they contain for the plants in the greenhouse. With a drip irrigation system on a natural substrate and Priva Connext climate control, Megafrescos benefits from the most efficient technologies on the market.

A word from the sales team
The equipment provided for this project
Climate control
Heating Buffer tank Double inflated film Screen
Water management
Electrical engineering and automatic control systems
The project in video
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