Vegetable – France - L'Ebaupin

maraicher sols Projet L’EBAUPIN
Type of greenhouse Richel 12.80M XR 300
Height under gutter 4 m
Country Arhton en Retz (44), France
Crops Mixed vegetable crops
Surface area 1 Ha

The challenge

To create a better climate with a larger volume of air in order to optimise the production phases and, therefore, the agronomic performance.
Build a multi-purpose greenhouse for ground crops and for off-ground crops in the years to come.

The solution

The single-layer 12.80m XR 300 greenhouse (close to the sea) optimises light and improves our productivity gains thanks to the volume. It also optimises working conditions.

“We chose to work with Richel because of the versatility of its range of greenhouses that can be used to grow all types of vegetables. Their good reputation was another factor.”

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