Tomato – France - SCEA Duval

maraicher suspendue Projet SCEA DUVAL
Type of greenhouse Richel Venlo 2 x 4 m
Height under gutter 6,30 m
Country France
Crops Off-ground tomato crops
Surface area 3 Ha

The project:

Christophe and Jacques Duval, who produce for the Solarenn group, doubled their surface area for the off-ground growing of tomatoes in 2015.

The challenge:

To have as much light as possible and maintain an ideal climate for the growth of the crops. To find a unique, turnkey solution from a single supplier of greenhouses and equipment.

The solution:

The Venlo 2 x 4m greenhouse, with a height under gutter of 6.30m and covered with 90+ floating glass, optimises climate control in the greenhouse.