Tomato – France - AERL De La Padenelle

maraicher sols Projet EARL DE LA PADENELLE
Type of greenhouse Richel 12.80 XR 300
Height under gutter 5 m
Country Ardèche (07), France
Crops Production of tomatoes in the ground
Surface area 3,2 Ha


Anti-frost heating by GH.

The challenge

To have as much light as possible and maintain an ideal climate for the growth of the tomatoes.
Maintain a stable climate and a large volume of clean air.

The solution

With its inflatable double-layer cover and pulsed air heating system, the 12.80 XR 300 greenhouse is ideal for this crop in our region. The Richel Group’s initial offer was completed by the assembly services.

“The Richel 12.80m greenhouse is ideal for my tomato production, thanks to the good light and a volume that keeps the temperature uniform.”

– Joël Suchet

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