Type of greenhouse

Cabrio glass greenhouse



Surface area

1.2 hectares

Type of crop

Vegetable seedlings

The solution

After considering a range of technical solutions, Emmanuel Cellier decided to work with Richel, opting for a 3 x 3.2 m Cabrio glass greenhouse with the possibility of opening the two glass roof panels completely to take full advantage of the outside climate conditions (temperature, sunlight). The know-how of Cellier Plants, combined with Richel technology, enabling the production of tough, fully hardened seedlings – essential criteria for successful replanting and subsequent growth.
For Richel, the challenge of this particular project was to ensure that the greenhouse was extremely responsive in case of a weather warning, to protect the seedlings from weather-induced damage. The solution was to fit the system with a quick-closing device capable of fully closing the Cabrio roof in just three-and-a-half minutes.

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The equipment provided for this project
Climate control
Heating Hot air generators Fans Climate regulation
Water management
Rainwater harvesting
Electrical engineering and automatic control systems
Electrical engineering and automatic control systems
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