Type of greenhouse

Multi-span greenhouse


Height under gutter: 4.5 m

Surface area

2 hectares

Type of crop


The solution

Our technology at the service of your agronomic requirements!

Keeping humidity under control was the key to delivering a successful project here. We rose to the challenge by implementing our condensation water recovery systems. Nearly 100% of drops are collected in the three aluminium gutters provided for that purpose, therefore humidity and condensation are kept under control in our plastic greenhouses.

Next, to guarantee “tough”, resistant seedlings that were easily able to withstand transportation and transplantation, the challenge was to offer an extremely well-ventilated greenhouse with maximum light penetration.

For this project, our structural engineers worked alongside our equipment engineers: by combining their know-how, they are able to design specific features such as a double opening roof that opens by 1.80 m on each side, offering a maximum exchange surface.

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