Type of greenhouse

12.80 m XR250 Multi-span greenhouse


Height under gutter: 4.5 m

Surface area

5 hectares

Type of crop


The solution

The customer was looking for a very hard-wearing greenhouse for this project, to prevent any future loss due to extreme weather. Our multi-span greenhouse are known for the high quality of their structures, an essential requirement to cope with the constraints of the natural environment.

We perfected the OV90 tube, whose inertia is twice that of the 60 mm oval tube available on the market.

The very large space offered by this greenhouse, along with the ridge-raising system, provide an exchange of airflow that guarantees the quality and conservation of baby lettuce. Equipped with a glass side wall that makes it sturdier and longer lasting, this greenhouse was designed to optimise working methods and allow space for tractors to pass through.

A word from the sales team
The equipment provided for this project
Climate control
Hot air generators Fans Climate regulation
Water management
Irrigation booms
Electrical engineering and automatic control systems
Electrical cabinet
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