Greenhouse heating system

Heating in professionals greenhouses, Open-buffer

Every situation demands a precise and complete analysis of the heating equipment requirements, according to the type of crops, the type of greenhouse (tunnel or glass greenhouse), the equipment and the geographical location. We study and design your heating system to achieve optimal performance for the growth of your crop, while also optimising your energy consumption.

Kaléo - Energy by Richel

Richel offers a highly innovative, low-temperature condensing heating system.
The Kaléo boiler is cost-efficient, easy to install and highly energy-efficient, making it suitable for vegetable growing and horticulture. Made up of several stainless steel heat exchangers, each unit is capable of offering a wide range of loads and output temperatures, thereby guaranteeing heat production. Contact us

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Heating greenhouse

greenhouse heating systemHeat is most often produced by installing burners, boilers and condensers. The use of heat pumps, exchangers fuelled by a source of hot industrial water, geothermal sources or co-generation engines allows the overall energy costs of production in greenhouses to be optimised.



Gas and CO2 heating

greenhouse heating co2Produced exclusively by gas boilers or gas engines, the fumes are treated in order to recover the CO2, which is then transferred to the greenhouse through a PVC distribution network, and then fed to the plants through a micro-perforated duct.






A transport system and relay points made up of substations are necessary to evenly transfer the hot water produced by the boilers to the various parts of the greenhouse.





greenhouse heating transmitterRail tubes, growth tubes, Tichelmann loops, de-icing tubes and unit heaters make up the various heat transmitters in a heated greenhouse.   



Hot water tank

greenhouse hot water tankWe design heating systems according to the open-buffer principle with a hot water tank. This tanks acts as an expansion chamber and energy store (water at 90°C). It is used to inject the CO2 produced by the combustion of the gas in the greenhouse, thereby boosting photosynthesis. This hot water tank is also used to store energy for use at the coldest times of day.


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