“Glass greenhouses can be built by French people as well!”

“Glass greenhouses can be built by French people as well!”

I’ve met Philippe Maigret at Richel Group booth at Growtech 2021 last week. He is Middle East-Africa Regional Manager at Richel Group. He answered Hortibiz Daily’s questions about Richel Group, Growtech 2021 and the horticulture industry. It was a great pleasure to meet him in person and he has a fabulous message for horticultural industry!

ECE POLAT: What’s Richel Group’s work field?

PHILIPPE MAIGRET: Richel Group is a French company that builds glass and plastic greenhouses as well as all internal equipment.

EP: What are you displaying at Growtech 2021?

PM: We’re exhibiting at Growtech to strenghten relationships with our current customers and providers, to build links with new potential customers. We’re not displaying the greenhouse itself here but explaining the projects, the materials, the quality, our technics and technologies.

EP: What kind of innovations do you offer to your customers?

PM: Richel Group is definitely focusing on the quality of climate control. There are many innovations that comes around it. Today it’s mainly positive pressure, cooling system especially to take care of the environment very well that are very demanding in terms of technology.

EP: In which way is Richel Group an international company?

PM: Richel Group is a very international company. Majority of our revenue is coming from abroad. Internationality is definitely our DNA.

EP: What are your expectations from Growtech?

PM: Growtech is a great exhibition. We have been participating for many years. It brings people together from many regions such as Russia, Africa and more. It’s a valuable opportunity to meet with so many customers, friends and partners as well!

EP: When you consider the next 5 years, what do you expect in the horticultural industry?

PM: I expect more! I see a bright future at horticulture industry. I think people want to reach better quality of products, they want to save water, they want to spend less energy so all these concerns are bringing us together to solve all these issues.

EP: Are you satisfied with your attendance to Growtech as Richel Group?

PM: It’s a little bit different this year. I think the covid is obviously the reason. So I hope it’ll be better in the next years. However, we’ve been here for over 15 years and we don’t stop now.

EP: Do you have a message for the readers of Hortibiz Daily News?

PM: I have a message. Glass greenhouses can be built by French people as well. Trust me!


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