Project in the spotlight : A modern greenhouse for growing cannabis


In the beginning of 2019 Pharmin and Richel Group joint efforts and created a meaningful project, a 2.3 HA greenhouse in Montevideo Uruguay’s free trade zone. Both founders have a great trajectory in the agricultural sector, by joining their forces, and with the help of Priva who provides the latest technology in climate management solutions this project took life.


What is the project exactly ?

The project consists of a vertically integrated business model allowing Pharmin to have full control of their products from seeds to sales. With a GACP state-of-the-art, hydroponic, climate controlled, 2.3 ha greenhouse having a production capacity of over 40 tons of biomass per year and a GMP 1,500m2 extraction facility. Giving Pharmin the ability to produce a diversified product range including distillates, final goods of tinctures and soft gel pills high THC, CBD, CBG and other cannabinoid profiles.


What is the purpose of the project ?

A vertically integrated business model offering B2B clients White & Private labelling services for licensed cannabis production. Located in a free trade zone with the ability to ship worldwide.


When did the project start?

Formed in June 2019 as a result of a transnational partnership of experienced and successful entrepreneurs.


The Process

How was the process of the greenhouse from the design works to its actual completion?

The process couldn’t have been possible without the help of meaningful partnerships. From start to finish Pharmin established their GACP/GAMP requirements and with the help of :
Richel Group that engineered the design works, Green Family that customized the cultivations needs, CCI brining their expertise in the sector and GXP local Uruguayan compliance company that made sure that Greenhouse layout, the flow of the works, equipment materials and all other components of the Greenhouse were following the local standards set by the IRCCA, The Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Agriculture.  This great project could be created.


Why we chose High tech greenhouse, why we chose PRIVA, why is this best choice in agriculture and especially in cannabis?

Within the framework of an optimal control of the needs of the plant, an alliance between the parties made it possible to choose a production tool of high agronomic precision. The control of climatic conditions in the greenhouse is made possible by the nature of the Richel Group greenhouse as well as by the automation management systems provided by Priva. In addition to high end control of climatic conditions in the production space, specific automated light management systems: adapted artificial lighting, black-out screens have been installed. Finally, particular care has been taken to meet the needs for health precautions and logistics flow management.


What are the next steps?

Moving forward by Q4, 2020 Pharmin’s pharmaceutical-grade production line will begin, allowing for the launch of the legal manufacturing and distribution of non-psychoactive (e.g. CBD) products worldwide in Q1, 2021. By this time Pharmin will also have the possibility to export both psychoactive (i.e. THC containing) and non-psychoactive GMP certified products.



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