Richel introduces the biggest greenhouse ever

In order to meet the demand for larger and wider greenhouse structures, Richel has developed a new multi span greenhouse design with a bay width of 16 meter; the widest greenhouse available on the market to date. We asked Benjamin Richel about the reasons behind this design.

“Especially in Mexico, growers are demanding wider structures”, said Benjamin. “Until now we had the 12.80m-bay model structure. This structure was the most popular greenhouse design amongst Mexican growers for the past few years. They favored it because of the optimal increased light transmission, better climate control and the ease of air movement and circulation inside the structure. With 3,20 meter extra bay width on the 16 m-bay model, the growers have now access to an even better option.”


According to Benjamin, the biggest concern amongst vegetable growers is light transmission and climate control. Quite often it is said that each percent lights is equal to 1 percent of production. That is why growers demand wider structures; wider bays means less gutters, posts and trellis and less shade, larger roofs also allow more light to enter. Even in a region like Mexico, light is becoming an important factor; high tech growers demand extra light in the darker months for the start of the season. They achieve stronger crops and results in the harsh summer months when they have more light for the starting plants.”

According to Benjamin, many growers favor the wide greenhouse designs due to the extra volume of air above the crop. “High tech growers can achieve better climates and save energy when they have a large volume available above their crops. Together with screening, it is an extra working tool for them.”

Currently the new 16.00 meter truss of Richel is design for non-snowy areas. On the other hand, we are currently designing a 16.00 m structure that will be able to carry a snow load”, said Benjamin.

This new greenhouse also features substantial time saving during construction, which is a key issue for growers and investors. The first tests have shown real improvements in that matter : “it is quite as fast to build a 16.00m-bay as a 12.80m-bay” announces Benjamin.

Some details on the structure:

-3 meter between post and trusses, better light transmission.
-6.5 meter height to the post.
-Single or double 2.65 meter vents.
-Compatible with hanging crops
-Compatible with common and Richel screening installations.
-Compatible with insect net installation on vents.
-Double inflated film.

Furthermore the structure is equipped and designed with all of the well-known Richel features like oval OV90 tubing and robust assemblies.

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