Cooling systems

Cooling pad, Cool box, Fog

Our range of greenhouse cooling equipment is the result of 35 years of experience working in hot countries. It offers the quality and the materials that you demand.

Cooling pad

Cooling pads are installed vertically at the edges of the greenhouse. They feature self-contained irrigation and are combined with vertical ventilation that forces the air through the humid pads. The air is cooled by an adiabatic process.


Cool boxes

Cool boxes use the same principle as the pads, but they are outdoor units positioned against the greenhouse.




High-pressure fog

High-pressure fog emits fine droplets of water that vaporise when they come into contact with the hot air, thereby cooling the air down.




Low-pressure fog

Low-pressure fog works according to the same principle, but with larger and fewer droplets. As a consequence, the humidification is higher. It is mainly used for robust plants that can withstand being humidified on their leaves or fruit.


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