Growth lighting

LED, HPS, Photosynthetic, Photoperiodic

In certain countries and for certain growing practices (between seasons), natural light can be supplemented by artificial lighting. The artificial lighting provides the light energy that is necessary for the required growth of the plants. Our equipment experts can supply everything required for lighting for photosynthesis or photoperiodic lighting, the electrical connections and installation. 

Sodium lamp

Lighting by sodium bulbs is a widespread system that makes up for shortages of light (intensity or duration). It allows producers to reach satisfactory levels of productivity, even under conditions of limited sunlight.



led-richelThis type of lighting is very energy-efficient. Yield is increased for the same energy consumption. Moreover, LED lighting can be used to select one or more wavelengths to induce specific reactions in the plants.



LED top lighting

The head of the plant is the part with the highest photosynthetic capacity. Installing rails of LEDs above the canopy offers the possibility of maintaining high photosynthetic activity.


Interlighting LED

LED rail in the heart of the plant








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