Type of greenhouse

Multi-span greenhouse


7 m

Surface area

3.3 hectares

Type of crop


The solution

The Richel 960 XR 300 multi-span greenhouse is the perfect fit for the needs of Fraizobon’s strawberry crops on growth gutters. It is equipped with a single-layer high-technology film that lets more light through, resulting in fruit that ripens impressively early.

With a height at the ridge of 7 metres and a zenithal opening, this greenhouse provides ventilation without putting the plants under stress at the start of the season, and maintains excellent moisture levels throughout the hottest periods.

A genuinely high-tech greenhouse, it has countless modern features to offer the ideal conditions for optimal crop farming. A computer for automatic regulation of the temperature, ventilation, heating, irrigation and photoperiodic lighting, and a low-temperature condensing heater that guarantees a uniform temperature of between 14 and 15 degrees inside the greenhouse during winter frosts.

Richel offers a wide range of vegetable growing greenhouses and equipment to meet the requirements of each customer: maximise the amount of light transmitted, control your climate, adapt nutrition to suit the needs of your crops, to ensure they yield their full genetic potential.

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The equipment provided for this project
Climate control
Heating Moisture management
Water management
Electrical engineering and automatic control systems
Climate computer Electrical control panel
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