Type of greenhouse

Multi-span greenhouse


Height at the ridge: 5 m

Surface area

1.8 hectares

Type of crop


The solution

The challenge was the strength of the greenhouse to support the weight of the gutters and crops, but also finding the right system.

RichelGroup was pleased to assist him and implement a customized, turnkey delivered solution to meet his goal. The solution was an alternating up/bottom gutter lifting system allowing 16 rows per 12.80m.

So we provided our customer with a complete equipment, including installation:

  • A 12m80 wide multi-span greenhouse, guaranteeing optimal climate control
  • An irrigation system
  • A low temperature heating system
  • Electricity

Tomita delivered the Formflex alternating up/down gutter lifting system, the Priva system and the other equipment.

A word from the design office
The equipment provided for this project
Climate control
Heating Horizontal screen UV-Open glazing
Water management
Electrical engineering and automatic control systems
Electrical engineering and automatic control systems
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