Type of greenhouse

Multi-span greenhouse



Surface area

1 hectare

Type of crop


The solution

To expand their production, the customer required a greenhouse covering 0.94 ha. The 960 XR 300 double-layer plastic multi-span greenhouse matched their needs perfectly. Sturdy and bright, this greenhouse range provides ideal conditions for strawberries on growth gutters, with its very hard-wearing structure that is able to support the suspension of a 35 kg/sq.m load of strawberry crops. This plastic greenhouse has a height of over 7 metres at the ridge, offering excellent ventilation performance and light transmission. It is a new-generation Richel greenhouse that guarantees a fully-controlled climate for crop growing. In addition, the Gothic shape maximises the amount of light entering the greenhouse.

A system of crop growth gutters was specially adapted for growing the strawberries off-ground, ensuring easier harvesting, plant care and substrate renewal.

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The equipment provided for this project
Climate control
Water management
Off-ground growth gutters
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