Co-generation connection

For horticultural and vegetable grower greenhouses

The co-generation gas engine produces electricity and heat. The heat produced by the engine is transformed into hot water through a hydraulic connection with the greenhouse (supplied by Richel).

Hydraulic connection

The heat is produced by the friction of the moving parts in the engine and by the energy contained in the exhaust fumes. The various cooling circuits (engine housing, lubricating oil, air inlet, exhaust fumes) are connected to the greenhouse’s heating circuits by heat exchangers. Inclusion of a hot water storage tank in the system optimises the distribution of the energy in different periods of time and limits the use of air cooling towers.

Regulation system

The regulation system is an essential part of the system in order to guarantee that enough sufficiently cool water is permanently available to receive the energy that is continuously dissipated by the engine. It reconciles the need for the continuous operation of the engine (to generate electricity) and the needs that vary according to the climatic conditions and the heating strategies at different times of the day and night.


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