Ground & bench for professional greenhouse

A wide range

Our robust and made-to-measure range of “Ground and bench” equipment will meet all your handling needs. Our mobile, semi-mobile or fixed benches are equipped with sub-irrigating or grid bases. Solutions for crops grown in the ground are also available to combine quality of spraying with high levels of mechanisation.

Fixed benches for greenhouses for professional greenhouse

Fixed benches for professional greenhouseThe shelf that supports the plants is attached to the foot of the bench. It can be equipped with a grid or sub-irrigation.




Semi-mobile benches

default_sshome_blocThe bench shelf can be moved to allow the access to the greenhouse operators.




Mobile benches

Mobile benches for professional greenhouseThe shelf is separate from the support and can be moved around the greenhouse. Transplanting, cleaning and harvesting operations can be performed in a dedicated area.



Bench equipment

Equipment for greenhouse tablets and tableFixed or mobile benches, with a bottom grid or sub-irrigation, are equipped with feeders adapted to the supply of nutrient solutions. The heating system, made up of a network of polyethylene tubes, is positioned under the shelves of the bench.


Concrete floor

Concrete floor for professional greenhouseThe floor of the greenhouse can be covered with concrete to simplify mechanisation of the distribution of potted plants or vegetable seedlings.


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