Hot Water Connection

Geothermal, Industrial Process

We take an available source of hot water and examine the dimensions on the basis of the available temperature and flow rate. We use an exchanger to completely disconnect from the hot water source. 


echangeurThe choice of heat exchanger is very important for the successful connection of a greenhouse to an energy source. The materials of the heat exchanger plates are chosen according to the chemical characteristics of the fluid in the primary circuit.



In certain parts of the world, hot water sources can be found at varying depths, from which energy can be recovered to heat greenhouses. The extracted water can be returned to the source through another well. It can also be used to water the crops in the greenhouses. The quality of the sizing process is essential in order to meet your needs, according to the temperature and the available flow rate.

Residual energy of industrial processes

Numerous industrial sites produce thermal discharges. They can be recovered using heat-carrier fluids that are used to store the energy and then to make it available to the plants in the greenhouse.










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