Methanisation connection

Spirulina basin, methaniser

Methanisation produces biogas that can be treated and cleaned for use as fuel. The internal combustion engine drives an electricity generator. The heat released by the engine is transferred to the greenhouse in a hydraulic pipe in the form of hot water.


It is a bioreactor in which the organic matter comes into contact with bacteria under the ideal conditions of temperature and humidity to produce methane and compost.





Internal combustion engine

The engine transforms the energy contained in the biogas and produces electricity. The moving mechanical parts become hot. The energy recovered by the various cooling circuits is transferred to the greenhouse.


The engine must function continuously. The energy needs of the greenhouse vary in the course of the day according to the outdoor conditions. For harmonious regulation, we select regulation systems that direct the energy flows and deliver an adequate supply to the engine.


Spirulina basin

Spirulina is a photosynthetic micro algae whose growth is determined by sunlight, but also by the temperature at which it develops. We make spirulina basins that are heated in greenhouses and combine with methanation systems to produce natural thermal energy.


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