Electrical switchboard

Cable, Cableway, Low-voltage switchboard

From the source of electric power, and at each subdivision, the electrical cabinet acts as a relay all the way to the final actuator in the greenhouse or the technical hall. Each electrical switchboard meets particular specifications and complies with the applicable electrical standards.

Distribution switchboard

The general low-voltage switchboard protects the entire electrical system. It is powered by the transformer and a backup solution (generator).



Climate cabinet

It is usually located in the greenhouse, provides electrical protection and acts as a relay to the different electrical devices in the greenhouse (vent motors, screen motors, circulator). The front panel can be used for manual control and to interface with the climate computer.


Heating system cabinet

The various circulators, burner fans and CO2 circulation system fans have variable-speed regulation, which allows for the precise and optimised control of electricity consumption. The climate computer interacts with these various devices through this type of cabinet.


Solenoid control cabinet

The control of solenoids can always be adapted to the user’s needs, whether they are in the greenhouse or a technical room, and whether they are controlled manually or automatically.


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