For adapted and high-performance nutrition

The uniform mixing and control of feed is essential for efficient nutrition. We design the ferti-irrigation system to suit your project, in line with your specifications. Our fertilisation stations are made to measure. They meet the strict specifications that we draft together with you in order to reach the required level of performance in production.


The nutrients are injected by venturi nozzles as standard, or by dosing pumps that feed the mixing bins. The latter option helps to achieve a uniform mix of the feed solutions.


Fertiliser tank

A wide range of tanks from 100L to 4,800L are available for the diverse applications found in vegetable, horticulture, seed growing and experimental research. Tanks fitted with covers and feet can be emptied completely. We also propose appropriate retention tanks.


Air mixing on PVC combs produces a uniform mixture of the fertiliser inside the tank. It can be supplemented by mechanical stirring on demand.


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